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Quality  | Quality Management 

Quality management 

Gür Maden products “quality” in final products with entire production process. 

•    “Quality” for Gür Maden covers entire processes and is wholeness of all activities.
•    “Quality” for Gür Maden includes everybody who participates processes and nobody may hand over his responsibility.
•    “Quality” for Gür Maden is a whole and is focused on costumer satisfaction from beginning to end of process. 
•    “Quality” for Gür Maden means conscious participation and acting with team sprit of every worker.
•    “Quality” and “continious self-renewal” are inseparable two components for Gür Maden.
•    Target for Gür Maden is to produce the most “quality” product with optimum cost and to market with the most convenient price..

ISO 9001-2015

İSO 10002 2014

İSO 14001 2015

İSO 22000 2005

İSO 45001 2018


GÜRMADEN Mikronize Endüstriyel Hammaddeler Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş.

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