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our nature source, keep protecting is our mission.

The concept of sustainability, which was developed by the “World Environment and Development Commission” for the first time with the increase in the extent of the damage caused to the environment and ecology, plays an important role in the corporate strategy of many companies today. With the idea of ​​economic development, the concept of sustainability, which is taken as a step towards protecting the natural and cultural heritage that will be left to future generations, has shaped the future of business world as well as creating individual change in society.


Gür Maden is among the companies that care about sustainable business model in Turkey, while contributing to the development of the local economy and sustainable in the society has been operating for the future settlement of perception.


The basic principle of the sustainability approach adopted by Gür Maden is; It is based on the passion for realizing its innovative products by considering human, environmental and design elements. Within the framework of the “Integrated Management System Policy”applied in production, it has adopted the principle of increasing the use of raw materials, reducing waste and increasing the recycling rate which will not risk the environment and human health. Gür Maden produces with its environment-friendly infrastructure, sustainable environmental policies and world standards.

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